About Wisconsin Historical Museum Collections
Museum Collections

The collections of the Museum contain over 110,000 historical objects and nearly 400,000 archaeological artifacts documenting the history of Wisconsin from prehistoric times to the present.

Collections include:

  • anthropology
  • business and technology
  • costumes, textiles, and personal artifacts
  • domestic life
  • political and military life

Online Collections and Exhibits

Did you know that due to space limitations, we can only display 2 percent of our holdings?

See what you're missing by browsing our comprehensive online collection selections.

Also, our online exhibits offer in-depth information on individual objects that you won't see in the Museum.

Trade figure from the Big Boy restaurant on South Park Street, Madison, Wisconsin, 1971-1985.
(Museum object #1993.52).

Big Boy
Historical object in the Museum's collections

Museum exhibit case for Chip Chat: Red Dot and the Potato Chip.

Chip Chat
A popular past exhibit