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Teacher Testimonials

The following comments were submitted by teachers about their field trips to the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation. It was very informative. You were easy to listen to and the kids loved it. Fabulous!! Great job of tying the past and present together."

"Did an excellent job relating to my students in telling them the unusual, FUN historical stories - I loved that you kneeled to story-tell on their level and that you were so patient in answering all their questions! Your love for WI history and for instilling the same in our youth is obvious, and as such we were lucky to have YOU as our guide!"

"Great involvement and asking student's questions. Excellent re-direction of students. Great enthusiasm and excitement, it got the kids excited!"

"Treated the 'ladies and gentlemen' with respect. Allowed students to touch and smell various items. [The guide's] historical accounts, open-ended questions and use of humor worked well to keep the students' attention. Exceptional!"

"Did a wonderful job explaining and engaging the students. Chose interesting things that were relevant to what we are learning about."

"This is always a wonderful experience! This experience fits our 4th grade curriculum beautifully. Thank you for providing our students with this tremendous opportunity!"